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The Common Law Review is an academic law journal published in print twice a year by the Common Law Society in Prague.

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The Common Law Review (CLR) is a non-profit, academic law journal published in English by the Common Law Society which operates at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. It is registered as an official journal by the Czech Ministry of Culture, registry number MK CR E 10174, ISSN 1213-4678. With its print run of over 250 copies, the CLR is widely distributed to courts, law firms, other professional advisory firms, libraries and a variety of other institutions across the Czech Republic, broader CEE and common law countries.

The CLR's main objectives are threefold:

  • First, to inform readers in the Czech Republic and other CEE countries about the Anglo-American legal system of "common law".
  • Second, to inform readers in common law countries about Czech and other CEE laws by way of comparison with common law.
  • Third, to help talented law students and fresh graduates publish their high calibre comparative works alongside contributions by established academics and other reputable authors. Our aim is to maintain this balance, with the majority of articles written by students and fresh graduates.