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Issue 2010/11 Environmental Law

The most recently published issue of the Common Law Review (CLR) focuses on Environmental Law and features an article about access to environmental justice by Lord Justice Carnworth and a special supplement by Sir Basil Markesinis QC, FBA titled “Weltliteratur and Global Law: Lessons from Goethe”.

Petr Zákoucký, the Editor-in-Chief of this issue of the CLR, has explained the reason for choosing this topic for the current issue:

“Interest in this topic has never been greater, whether among legal practitioners or the general public, who are increasingly concerned with how the quality of the environment impacts on their daily lives. As the subject has grown in scale and complexity, so too have the problems relating to its implementation and its interaction with other parts of the law. These provide abundant opportunities for legal analysis, comment and comparison which we have naturally tried to exploit in this edition. The contributions included cover a diverse range of issues by students and academics, as well as by lawyers and practicing judges.”

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Weltliteratur and Global Law: Lessons from Goethe

by Sir Basil Markesinis QC, FBA

Access to Environmental Justice

by Sir Robert John Anderson Carnwath

Searching for Intergenerational Green Solutions: The Relevance of the Public Trust Doctrine to Environmental Preservation

by Lucas Bento

Lawsuits of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Czech Legal System – An Efficient Tool of Environmental Protection?

by Pavel Černý

The Tragedy of the Commons: Four Decades Later

by Martin Froněk

New Guidelines of the EU Commission on Environmental State Aid: Who Will Gain and Who Will Lose?

by Vojtěch Máca

Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection at the International Level and their Application in the Czech R.

by Hana Müllerová

Světová literatura a globální právo: Ponaučení z Goetha

by Profesor Sir Basil Markesinis QC, FBA

What Is Moral Hazard And How Was It Invoked in the UK During the Northern Rock Crisis in 2007?

by Otakar Hájek

Enforcement of Environmental Protection Through Criminal Law

by Andrea Jarolímková