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Liability and Compensation for Loss in a Comparative Perspective

The most recently published issue of the Common Law Review (CLR) focuses on Tort Law, Liability and Compensation for Loss.

Anežka Janoušková, the Editor-in-Chief of this issue of the CLR, has explained the reason for choosing the topic for the current issue:

“Tort law has never been so interesting and challenging in the Czech context as the new Czech Civil Code which was adopted and came into force on 1st January 2014 brought a lot of significant changes into this area of law. Deriving inspiration from other modern legal systems, the Civil Code introduced into the Czech legal environment various concepts and legal instruments unknown to the public or legal practitioners. Be it England, France, Germany or Austria – all the major civil law and common law jurisdictions somehow affected the long-lasting process of its drafting. And that is precisely where the challenges often appear. The aim sought by this issue is to examine the newly introduced rules from comparative perspective. At the same time, it aspires to assess this regulation through the prism of its  inspiratory sources, identify existing frictions in terms of interpretation, offer convincing solutions or simply draw attention to similarities and divergences.

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