2017/14 Liability and Compensation for Loss in a Comparative Perspective

Editorial by Anežka Janoušková

Wrongfulness as a Prerequisite Giving Rise to Civil Liability in European Tort Systems by David Elischer

Punitive Damages – Experience from Common Law: One Piece of the Puzzle in Continental Law Still Missing? by Martin Sztefek

Coming to the Nuisance: Defence of the Polluter or Protection of the Viable Status Quo? by Jan Vévoda

Liability of an Individual Acting as a Director of a Corporate Director under Czech Law: Another Country, Similar Issues by Ivo Trojan

Vicarious liability: Justifications under English law and Czech law by Tereza Procházková

Should law interfere with failed negotiations? Notes on economic analysis of pre-contractual reliance. by Tereza Nováková

Liability for Agents in Czech Tort Law: A Step in the Right Direction? (Is there any Right Direction anyway?) by Vojtech Lovetinsky

Damage Caused by Animals: When Professionals are Pivileged by Anežka Janoušková

Guidelines of the Czech Supreme court relating to compensation for non-pecuniary loss as a “trendsetter”? by Klára Vítková

Compensation for Secondary Victims: the future of new concepts in Czech law with inspiration from Germany and Austria by Barbara Dufková

Data Protection on the Internet in the Czech Republic and Germany – Compensation and Liability by Paulína Macháčová and Hanna Stengel

Liability and Loss from a Comparative Perspective – the Question of Groups of Companies by Mária Rexová

When compensation is limited: the specific case of no-show clauses from an English and European perspective. by Delphine Defossez

Loss Suffered due to Infringements of Competition Law: New EU Law Directive Put into Practice by Tomáš Šlechta