2003/4 Human Rights

Editorial by Jan Žamboch


No More Imbeciles, The Eugenics Movement in the United States by Linda Krákorová


A Rather Awkward Relationship; The European Court of Human Rights, The European Union and The Search for Human Rights Competency by Michal Bobek


Speaking of the Big Boys: Between Free Speech and Defamation by Martin Ráž


Freedom of Speech and Liberty of Press in English Law Introduction to Free Speech in Great Britain by Vojtěch Chloupek


Causation After Fairchild by Tomáš Holčapek


The Dusk of Slavery in England and the United States by Petra Lustigová


Soumrak otroctvi v Anglii a USA by Petra Lustigová


Regina v Dudley and Stephens by Pavlína Hojecká


Sports Law, The Issue of On-Field Sports Violence by Jiří Kindl


Stepping Out of the Shadow of Man  by Jan Žamboch


The “West versus the Rest” Debate by Miluše Sedláková


Cognitivism V. Decisionism in Judicial Application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms by Pavel Hollander