2002/3 Common Law around the World

Editorial by Jan Žamboch


Some Reflections on New Zealand Law by Richard Sutton


The Legal Status of Aliens in the United States in the Aftermath of the September 11 Terrorist Attack by Michael P Seng


Speaking of the Big Boys, Between Free Speech and Defamation by Martin Ráž


Právní řád státu Izrael, Role Common Law v izraelském právu by Marek Čejka


Inside Precedents, The Ratio Decidendi and the Orbiter Dicta by Martin Ráž


Jak rozumět precedentům, Ratio Decidendi a Orbiter Dicta by Martin Ráž


Common Law and the Environment, Are You Better at Protecting the Environment than the State? by Linda Krákorová


In Defence of the Right to Trial by Jury, Jury – a Solution to the Ailing Czech Justice System? by Susan Rutberg


The Legal Aspects of Multiculturalism in Canada by Harald Christian Scheu


Creating a Federal Legal System, A Comparative Essay in the US and the EC Judicial Politics by Michal Bobek