2001/2 Law in America

Editorial by Jan Žamboch


Aspects of the Common Law System in the United States by Michael P. Seng


United States v. Microsoft Corporation – a War on Many Fronts Sherman Act Goes Online by Ondřej Vondráček


A Brief Note on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by Jan Šefranka


A Historical Account of Louisiana’s Civil Law A Civil Law Island in the United States by McKenna Richards


Monsanto v. Schmeiser Expropriation on the Grounds of the Patent Act? by Jan Žamboch


Marbury v. Madison The Birth of Judicial Review in the USA by Michal Bobek


Presidential War Power The Authority of the United States President to Go to War by Max Hilarie


Marbury v. Madison Zrod ústaniho soudnictvi v USA by Michal Bobek


On the Science of International Law Oppenheim Revisited by Harald Christian Scheu


The United Nations and Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison Revival by Petra Lustigová


Justice or Russian Roulette? Death Penalty in the U.S. -Past and Present by Jaroslav Šuchman


Abortion Law in the United States State Interest and the Right of Privacy by Linda Krákorová


Separate but Equal? The United States Supreme Court’s Approach to Racial Segregation in the 20W Century by Michal Bobek