2001/1 The British Constitution

Editorial A Direct or Indirect Route to Hell? by Michal Bobek


The House of Lords How Britain’s Hereditary Peers Survived into the 21st Century by Radek Motzke


No Man a Judge in his own case The Problem of Judicial Impartiality and Natural Justice in English Law by Linda Krákorová


A Revolution in Privity The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by Pavlina Hojecká


Consideration Considered How English Law Identifies Valid Contracts by Barbara Lisá


Strict Liability in English Criminal Law Recent House of Lords Judgements by Lenka Mikulcová


Právní obyčej v Anglii a ve Skotsku by Jiří Buchvaldek


Jack Straw versus Pinochet The Role of the British Home Secretary in the Extradition Process of General Pinochet A drama in four acts by Tomáš Karásek and Kevin Gibbons


Parliamentary Privilege in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic  by Pavlína Hojecká


Return of the Dragon? The New National Assembly in Wales by Miluše Sedláková


The Contribution of Regional and International Human Rights Bodies to the Development of Constitutionalism by Harald Christian Scheu


The Liberal Conception of Justice A Direct or Indirect Route to Hell? by Michal Bobek


A Monster of the Constitution Scotland’s Lord Advocate by Robert Seaton


The EU versus the UK The Conflict of Two Doctrines: the Supremacy of Community Law and the Parliamentary Sovereignty as Seen in the Light of the Factortame Cases by Martin Junek