Don’t miss Call for Papers to the new Issue “Law in Era of Digitalization”!

CLR led by Editor-in-Chief Matěj Tkadlec is proudly announcing another Call for Papers for the new issue “Law in Era of Digitalization“.

We are facing an immense technological change. Computers and modern technologies have become an undisputed part of our everyday lives. But is the current state of law prepared for it? Is it able to cope with the new challenges and problems without any alteration? CLR would like to contribute to the ongoing discussion and offer some answers to questions arising out of interaction of modern technologies and law.

Are you fascinated by the technological development and its impact on (inter)national legal systems? Do you have something to say? Then do not miss a chance and pick one of the topics from our current Call for Papers which is available here: CLR_16_Call for Papers.

The list of the topics is non exhaustive. You are thus free to choose your own one but please make sure to discuss it with us before you start to write your article. For more information, see the Call for Papers or contact us on

Issue on Rights of People in Detention was successfully finished!

We are very pleased to inform you that a jubilee 15th issue dealing with human rights of persons placed in detention was recently published! Its Editor-in-Chief, Vladimir Janoušek Pysk, has been working at the Office of the Czech Government Agent before European Court of Human Rights. Therefore, we are very happy and thankful that high quality and topicality of articles published in the CLR was maintained again. 🙂

Vladimir explained why he decided to choose such a non-mainstream topic:

“Protection of human rights is an extremely broad concept covering a wide variety of different issues. Those who enjoy personal liberty may protect their fundamental rights on their own. However, persons who are being kept in detention against their will for whatever reason cannot rely exclusively on their ability to protect themselves. In the nature of things, they are dependent on helping hand offered from the outside. Any yet, despite their blatant vulnerability, they frequently stood on the edge of society’s interest. Being an Editor-in-Chief was a unique opportunity to raise awareness about human rights of diverse categories of persons deprived of their liberty, being that prisoners, persons of unsound mind or migrants. I am particularly delighted that so many gifted students and fresh law-school graduates shared my vision and got on board with their thought-provoking contributions.”

You can download the whole Issue in PDF version here: CLR_15.

New issue is halfway through!

Get prepared for the new CLR Issue which is currently being prepared under supervision of the Editor-in-Chief Mr Vladimir Pysk.

This time we are turning back into area of Human Rights. The topic of the upcoming Issue is focused on the Rights of People in Detention.

As Vladimir has been working at the Office of the Czech Government Agent before the European Court of Human Rights you might be especially looking forward to the case-law of the ECtHR. Nevertheless, the Court of Justice of the European Union’s jurisprudence will be covered as well.

Special Supplement will be kindly provided by Mr Christopher Vajda, the UK’s judge at the Court of Justice.

Last but no leats, a brief reminder! If you are interested in tort law issues, do not miss our last Issue entitled Liability and Compensation for Loss in a Comparative Perspective which was published in spring 2017.


CLR on Liability and Compansation for Loss is out!

We proudly anounce that a new issue of CLR on Liability and Compensation for Loss in a Comparative Perspective has just been published.

If you are interested in topics such as:

  • Wrongfulness
  • Punitive Damages
  • Liability in Company Law
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Pre-contractual Liability
  • Liability of an Animal Keeper
  • Compensation for Non-pecuniary Loss
  • Secondary Victims
  • Liability in Data Protection Law
  • No-Show Clauses or
  • new Directive on Antitrust Damages Actions,

definitely take a look at it!

For more information see Current Issue.